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Retrobike is Twelve Media’s flagship project and is unquestionably the largest site on the internet dedicated to vintage, retro and classic bicycles with over 3 million page views per month. Retrobike was setup in 2005 and has grown strongly ever since both in the UK and Worldwide.

The retrobike website consists of five main sections, all based on open source packages. The various sections have been updated and customised to meet the specific needs to the site and to ensure a consistent user experience.

  • The forum
  • Retrobike is centred around the extremely busy and highly customised discussion forum which has over 30,000 registered users and millions of posts. The forum gives users a platform for discussing their bikes and sharing information. The depth and breadth contained in this section ranks well in search engines and attracts thousands of users everyday.

  • The blog / news section
  • The front page of retrobike is the popular blog / news section. Here we run articles written for the site, event reports, news from the site and other items of interest.

  • The archive and gallery
  • Retrobike hosts thousands of user submitted scans, catalogues and images all of which are stored in the retrobike gallery and archive.

  • The shop
  • The retrobike shop is used to retail a wide range of popular merchandise, all of which is designed and stocked in house. The secure platform retrobike uses is highly customisable and has has numerous essential features such as inventory management, checkout facility and worldwide postage calculator.

  • The wiki
  • The retrobike wiki allows users to collaborate on building an encyclopedia dedicated to retro bicycles predominately based on the knowledge and content from the forum.

The growth of retrobike has coincided with the popularity of social media which has been effectively leveraged to help promote and grow the site. Retrobike is active on three main platforms, facebook, twitter and google plus. With thousands of users across the three platforms this is an excellent resource and promotional tool.

The experience Twelve Media has gained in the course of building and running one of the biggest and busiest cycling sites on the web can help your business. Why not get in touch and find out how.